We created Seal IT to help stop the spread of COVID and reduce the waste of masks and other PPE on our streets and waterways.

Help save lives by disposing of all your masks and other PPE properly.

The government states: 

"that you can dispose all PPE safely with other wastae, however if you or anyone around you has come into contact with anybody, all PPE should be disposed of serperately and keep in isolation". 


Never be without your mask again. Designed to fit in any pocket or bag. Small, slim and discreet. Whether you have to pop to the shops or go to an important meeting, Seal It offers you the chance to have your mask on the move and dipose of it in an ethical way once you've finished.

Single use

Once used, simply sanitise and dispose of the pack. Every individual component of the pack is sealed and secure.Then simply Pop it in any bin safely if you can, or pop the pack back into your bag or pocket for disposal later. Clean, safe and ethical. 

Safe disposal

Due to the nature of PPE it should be disposed of in a professional way and should not be recycled. We've created a product that can disposed of safely or sealed and disposed off in a clinical way for additional safety.